Creality Sermoon D3 Pro Printer - Reliable Dual Extrusion with High Flow

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7 - 8 weeks
Creality Sermoon D3 Pro Printer, Dual Extrusion, Versatile and Efficient More details

Reliable Dual Extrusion with High Flow

The printhead of Sermoon D3 Pro features two hotends sharing one extruder.
The dual extrusion system is lighter than ever and is capable of 32mm³/s high flow and 300℃ printing.

Instant Switch of Extrusion

The single-side nozzle lifting system has undergone rigorous tests to be reliable and precise.

Auto XYZ Offset of the 2nd Hotend

A calibration module is used to auto-offset the XYZ of the 2nd hotend. It is much faster and more precise than manual offset.
Industry-leading Print Quality

Sermoon D3 Pro is preset with input shaping. The print quality gets high scores in all aspects.

Overall Quality Score*: 28

1. Dimensional Accuracy: 5

2. Negative Feature Resolution: 5

3. Fine Feature Flow Control: 5

4. Overhangs: 4

5. Bridging: 4

6. Z-axis Alignment: 2.5

7. XY Ringing: 2.5

Thermostatic Chamber to Forge Robust Print

The chamber is installed with an active heater inside. It envelopes the print with a constant, warm ambient temperature of 60℃* to reduce internal stress, deformation, or cracking.

· Strong bonding between print layers

· Less warping or cracking due to residual stress

· Higher strength of 3D-printed parts

Stay Auto-leveled for a Long Time

A strain sensor in the printhead probes the build surface at multiple points and levels it automatically and precisely.
No need for a calibration card or Z offset. Once done, it stays effective for a long time.

Diverse Filaments for Broad Applications
Sermoon D3 Pro is proven to print well with 29 kinds of filaments*,
great to create models with a wide spectrum of properties on demand.

Flexible Build Plate

Sticky and heat-resistant to match various filaments. Bendable for effortless print removal.
The finely frosted surface makes the model bottom fine and smoot

3 Ways That Dual Extrusion Spurs Productivity

It can print supports separately with material that can be removed without any tool, saving post-processing time.

It enhances the aesthetic appeal with color patterns and highlights the aspects of 3D-printed models.



Higher Production Capacity with Less Hassle
300mm/s* Speed, Quick to Fulfill Orders
Built for 24/7 Production
Streamlined Workflow from Start to End
Dual Extrusion with 32mm³/s Flow
Thermostatic Chamber
Compatible with Diverse Filaments
Flexible Build Plate
Creality Sermoon D3 Pro Printer
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