Curiscope Multiverse Poster - MARS

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Bring the wonders of the universe into your homes and classrooms with the Curiscope Multiverse Poster Series. More details
It's a poster...but it's more than that.

Step into the Majesty of the Red Planet with the Curiscope Multiverse Poster - MARS! Embark on a cosmic journey right from the comfort of your space, as this mesmerizing poster goes beyond conventional wall decor. It serves as a captivating portal into the enigmatic world of the Red Planet, igniting your curiosity and leaving you in awe.

Distinctive Features:

  • Unparalleled Martian Detail: The Curiscope Multiverse Poster - MARS transcends the ordinary, seamlessly transporting you to the Martian surface with an extraordinary level of detail. Marvel at the precision-captured landscapes, craters, and valleys, delivering a visual experience that takes your breath away.
  • Immersive Educational Expedition: Broaden your comprehension of Mars through this educational masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the poster's content, featuring essential facts, geological formations, and captivating details about the planet. Transform your space into an interactive learning environment that brings Mars to life.
  • Augmented Reality Marvel: Unleash the captivating power of augmented reality! Through the Curiscope app, designed to complement the Multiverse Poster, witness Mars spring to life before your eyes. Engage in an interactive and educational AR experience that delves deeper into the Red Planet's secrets.
  • Crafted with Precision: The Curiscope Multiverse Poster - MARS is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Carefully designed and executed, it stands as a symbol of quality. The durable materials ensure a vibrant, long-lasting addition to your space-themed decor.
  • Uniquely Artistic Decor: More than a mere poster, this is a statement piece that goes beyond expectations. The combination of breathtaking visuals and informative content establishes it as a focal point in any space enthusiast's room, creating an atmosphere of wonder and fascination.

Immerse yourself in the captivating mysteries of the Red Planet with the Curiscope Multiverse Poster - MARS. Order now and bring the marvels of Mars into the heart of your living or learning space! 

Free app for IOS & Android pairs with poster to bring to life.

Simply download the free app, put your poster on your wall, scan the poster and watch it come to life.

The posters are litho printed on A1 paper with a durable finish that is recyclable at end of life. They look great on walls unframed and framed.

We support recent generation IOS & Android devices running IOS11+ or Android 9+. Please note, app compatibility is different to The Virtuali-Tee due to updated technology.

To see whether your device is compatible, please download the app before purchasing: IOS & Android or consult our FAQ.

For compatible devices, see our FAQ.

A1 Size (23.4"x33.1" / 594x841mm). High Quality litho print.
Free app for IOS & Android pairs with poster to bring to life. For compatible devices, see our FAQ.
For every poster we sell, we're planting a tree through our partner Offset Earth.
Curiscope Multiverse Poster - MARS
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