Early Years Immersive Projector. EY11864

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An awe inspiring, illuminated, safe, rechargeable dome that transforms walls and ceilings into a canvas for magical ligh More details

An awe inspiring, illuminated, safe, rechargeable dome that transforms walls and ceilings into a canvas for magical light and shadows.

A safe, robust device that creates an atmospheric and immersive light effect. Place a rich variety of materials on and around the strong polycarbonate dome and see the shimmering shades and shadows emerge. Experiment, explore, and discover with this versatile resource. Suitable for 10 months and up.

Spark their curiosity and learn through a multitude of investigations. Manipulate objects and see what surprising effects can be created. Enrich vocabularies, create catalysts for STEAM based learning and inspire imaginations to soar. This is such an open ended and versatile resource. It can be used independently by the children or for collaborative tasks. Imagine a starry constellation, under the sea or other amazing locations reflected on the walls. Perhaps you will wander amidst dinosaurs. Consider light as part of your creative explorations. It can be incorporated into construction, loose parts, small world play, collage, etc.

Create an art gallery inspired by a particular artist. They can select from a plethora of materials and investigate the effects they have when casting a shadow. In doing so they are learning about properties, textures, patterns, etc. Children can move and dance freely in this magical environment. They can blow bubbles and see them soar in an illuminated landscape. It is a great way of using repurposed and recycled materials and of giving objects a new life and focus. Imagine learning about numbers, letters, shapes and sequences through this engaging approach. Perhaps you will explore a number in all its permutations, numeral, amounts, etc.

Educators can work alongside the children or encourage them to follow their own ideas and interests independently. What will the children create? Will it be a time machine, a castle or a faraway world? The projector can be used with our other light equipment including the Early Years Projector so that light is layered in the environment for full dramatic and engaging effect. See the colours pop on the walls and shades and swirls emerge.

We want children to be curious, to observe, to persevere, to test and to hypothesise and this hands on, holistic approach encourages this. We have ensured that there are no trailing wires and that it meets the safety requirements of light emittance. It is to be used on the floor. It works best when in a semi dark environment. Use in a rich variety of ways and create memorable learning experiences. The possibilities for this resource are vast with the child truly being at the heart of learning. It can help inspire, motivate, and enrich

Child-led learning.
Unlocks imagination and enables children to experiment, explore and discover through the magic of shape, light and play.
Supports wellbeing through the calming and soothing effect of light.
Great for creating immersive and enchanting environments using light.
Height: 33.4 cm
Weight: 5 kg
Brand: TTS
Immersive Projector
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