Experience the Future of Collaborative Learning with Kai’s Clan Start Pack (4 PACK)

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Kai’s Clan Start Pack includes 4 robots and AR / VR Rescue Run Adventure Mat More details

Welcome to Kai’s Clan – the ultimate AR and VR coding experience that brings together the physical and virtual worlds in an interactive learning playground. With Kai’s Clan, students can learn to code their robots and watch them navigate real-life environments in real-time, all while collaborating with their 3D characters in a virtual space.


Breaking down traditional geographical barriers, Kai’s Clan allows kids from all over the world to come together and solve challenges in innovative ways. As digital citizens of the modern world, collaborative learning is more important than ever, and Kai’s Clan offers an exciting and effective solution.


Code with Ease using Blockly and Scratch

With Kai’s Clan, coding has never been easier thanks to our drag and drop coding system, which uses Blockly and Scratch. You can also preview your code in JavaScript.


Collaborate with Cloud Multiplayer Style Coding

Kai’s Clan offers a unique cloud multiplayer style coding feature, allowing students to work together on coding projects regardless of their location. Collaborate with students next door or across the world and develop vital teamwork skills.


Embark on AR and VR Adventures

With Kai’s Clan, students can take part in AR and VR adventures like Rescue Run, featuring dragons, knights, and capture the flag battles. Augmented reality works with iPad or Android, while virtual reality is compatible with Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Android or iOS.


Requirements to start your Kai’s Clan learning journey, you’ll need:


  • A Smartphone to run the free “Kai’s Eye” robot tracker app
  • An iPad, Chromebook, Windows or Mac for coding
  • An internet connection


Join the learning revolution today with Kai’s Clan and experience the future of collaborative learning.

 Day 16: Kai's Clan



  • Easy to use
  • Included Rescue Run AR VR Adventure Mat
  • Integrated lesson plans (minimal prep required!)
  • Engaging content to make learning fun
  • Cross-curricular STEM / STEAM activities
  • Real world applications
  • Collaboration between schools
  • Various Sensors to build real-world applications.
  • Many more AR VR adventure mats available.
  • No
  • Up to 4 hour playtime – 1 hour fast charge
  • Multiplayer collaboration
  • Robot X,Y coordinates with live positions
  • IoT sensor attachments
  • Virtual Reality – Free Kai’s Clan Virtual Viewer app via Android & iOS stores.
  • AR – Free Kai’s Clan Virtual Viewer app via Android & iOS stores.
  • 3D environments built into the Kai’s Clan browser
  • LED Lights
  • Speaker
  • Motorized grippers
  • Work with Safari or Chrome browser
  • For ages 8+
  • 4 x Kai Robots (rechargeable batteries included – 4 hrs play with 1 hr fast charge time)
  • 1x Rescue Run AR VR Adventure Mat (tough & durable neoprene)
  • 1x Smartphone Tripod (smartphone for tracking robots not included)
  • IoT Sensor Pack
  • 4-way USB Charging Cable
  • QR Sticker Pack
  • Kai’s Coding Cards Packs
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Various spare parts
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