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hey! Allows the teacher to carry out tests, comprehension exercises, and even view who is on-task. This includes tools f More details

This user-friendly USB-connected device provides a solution to various classroom teaching challenges. With a simple click, users can access the latest technology without the need t switch devices. Hey! U can be connected to any Windows device, adding an extra screen for visual interactions with others nearby. Teachers can use this product to create more interactive classes, ensuring everyone participates and making learning enjoyable for students as well.

The Hey! education software is connected to the Hey! screen, giving teachers the power to conduct tests, comprehension exercises, and monitor task completion. It allows teachers to prepare interactive classes even without internet connectivity. Students can actively participate and express themselves during these classes. The teacher can also access the class’s understanding, enabling students to adjust their pace accordingly.

What is hey!
This mini screen allows the teachers to get instant feedback, better manage and supervise the applications used by each student including the websites they are on.

Where do I connect to?
Facing the hey!, Screen to the teacher, to each student device by USB,

When I can use it?
The start may be with review classes, but gradually, the teachers use it every day to check the progress and learning levels of the students so as to support them and cover up before it is too late.

Which Operating Systems work with hey!?
Windows, Android, Chromebook, MacBook ready and working with thousands of students …and iOS (iPad and iPhone) already presented ready to deliver in the few weeks.

Why should I use hey!?
To ensure that the teachers get the right information at the right time and this helps in the improvement of the results. To also ensure that the students do not get distracted and are kept engaged.

How can I start using into the classroom?
Just ask the students or IT to download the app of your Operating system from www.hey.education, plug the hey! U in each device and…start having all the required information in the easiest and precise manner.

Hey!U, LED panel with flexible USB The latest educational technology without changing your device

What teachers say about Hey! formative assessment tool

  • Get the latest educational technology without changing your device.
  • Connect hey!U to any Windows device and you will have an extra screen to visually interact with people around you.
  • With hey!U teachers can create more interactive classes, where everybody participates, making them easier to follow for the students and more fun.
  • The hey! screen is connected to the hey!education software.
  • Without internet connectivity the teacher can create interactive classes where all the students can participate in class and express themselves.
  • No
  • Dimensions: 37 X 31 X 27.5 cms
  • Weight: 2.9Kg
  • hey! backpack
  • 25 hey!U (5 of each color)
  • 25 USB bases
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